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Chiminea Express -- How is a chiminea made?

Welcome to Mexico!

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On the right, a scene from downtown Tlaquepaque.


downtown2.jpg (238891 bytes)

Join us on a brief tour of a chiminea  factory.

mixclay2.jpg (115962 bytes)


First,  three types of clay are mixed together to get the right consistency for a strong, quality chiminea.

chimmold2.jpg (130429 bytes)


Second, the clay is placed in a mold to form the desired shape.  In this photo, a grapevine chiminea mold is removed.  You can see the imprints on the clay.  The opening will be cut out by hand.  

shapingchim2.jpg (143043 bytes)


Third, skilled craftsman fine tune the shape of the chiminea by hand.  Once the opening is cut out and the clay is completely air dried, the chiminea will be ready for firing.

Kilm2.jpg (169933 bytes)


Forth,  the chiminea is fired in a kiln.  The kiln shown here is fueled by gas, not wood. Gas provides a controlled heat. Fired chimineas sit outside.

Notice no fire cracks!

Next, the chiminea is painted.

truck2.jpg (100610 bytes)

Our work begins.....a truck arrives at our warehouse for unloading....which takes hours!


We hope you enjoyed these photographs!

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